Preparing Your Boat For the Spring!

Spring is just around the corner and it is time to get your boat ready for the beautiful weather ahead!

General Maintenance

1. Test the boats electronics

2. Inspect The Gas Tank and Fuel Lines

3. Check Safety Gear

4. Check all expiration dates for fire extinguishers

5. Make sure you have the proper amount of flotation devices

6. Test all lights in the cabin and on deck

7. Make sure you have horns,flares, and whistles

8. Clean interior including bilges

9. Make sure your have your Pleasure Craft Operator Card

10. Check and replace first aid supplies

11. Check bailer and hand pump

Outboard Engines

1. Replace spark plugs

2. Check plug wires for wear

3. Check prop to make sure there are no nicks and bends

4. Change/fill gear lube

5. Inspect fuel lines and tank for leaks

6. Make sure to lubricate and spray all movable parts

7. Check power steering and power trim oil levels.

8. Replace worn-out zincs.

Inboard Engine

Check transmission fluid

Inspect the impeller and bilge blower

Change oil & filters

Check engine zincs if needed

Check cooling system change coolant as necessary

Check belts for tension

Check transmission fluid

Check and clean water strainer

If you would like to book a Spring Service go to the link below:

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