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Boating During COVID-19

Getting out on the boat on the open water seems like the ultimate way to socially distance ourselves; however, we still need to be mindful of our surroundings so that we can keep ourselves and everyone around us safe this summer.

Here are 5 tips for safe boating during COVID -19.

1) Check your provincial regulations for any boating restrictions, such as closed boat launches and fuelling stations.

2) Check provincial, local, and regional health measures regarding social gatherings, physical distancing, or nonessential services that might impact your trip.

3) Boat only with your immediate family or your close bubble, as Dr. Henry says, "Keep your bubble small." Check your provincial guidelines if you’re uncertain.

4) Keep your distance – Don’t anchor or moor your boat too close to others. Avoid crowded boat ramps and docks, stay 2 meters from others, and wear a face covering when physical distancing isn’t possible.

5) Avoid putting pressure on emergency responders. Make sure everyone on board is wearing a lifejacket or personal flotation device (PFD), double-check your safety equipment before heading out on the water, all systems are in good working order and you have enough fuel. Stay safe out there and wash your hands!

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